Dating tips and advice for women

first date is always fraught with uncertainities. You are worried about making a good first impression, wondering what he’ll think of you, and what in the world are you two going to talk about.

But it need not be like this. You need to remember that he’s going through the same uncertainities as you and is as eager to make a good impression.

So why do two perfectly nice people, eager to like and be liked usually end up making a mess of their first date? The following tips are aimed at helping you get over the hurdles of your first few dates smoothly..


Phone Conversations

Be punctual

If you are supposed to call him, make sure that you call on time and are at complete leisure to talk to him then. Also, ensure that there are no background noises or any other external disturbances. The same applies for when you have given him a time to call you up.

Read his profile

This will help you know about his interests, likes and dislikes, and give you an idea of what he’s looking for, besides a few topics for conversation. If you both have common interests, you’ll invariably find a lot to talk about, otherwise you could ask him a few leading questions about them.

Be relaxed

Remember that you are at your best when you are relaxed. If you are nervous about how to begin the conversation, you could start with asking him what made him send/accept your invitation. Once you both have got past the initial awkwardness, you’ll find it easier to talk.. just go with the flow. Tip: Smile when you pick the phone. He’ll hear the smile in your voice.

Appreciation works

Tell him about the things that got you interested in him, he would love to know. It could be anything from his hair style to his smile or just his interest in hiking etc.

Right time to call next

On an ending note, ask him when would be the right time to call him next. If however, he asks then give him a time when you will be free and able to talk to him easily without any disturbances. DO NOT ask for his email or phone number, he’ll give you his contact information himself once he is comfortable enough with you.