Terms of Use


In this agreement, the words below have the following definition :
"the-free-dating-site" is a set of free internet services provided to any person wishing to use them for personal and non-commercial use.
"You" means any person using the services on our site and our partner sites.
"We" means the owner of the website and all its sub-domains.


By registering on this site, you agree to comply with all the rules set out in this agreement. It is your responsibility to respect the rules below and make sure your profile is up to date. You must also provide real informations when you register so that we can contact you if necessary.


Any person who is 18 y.o. or older can use all our services for free. This site is intended primarily for heterosexual people but could be used by anyone.


All services are free of charge and without limitations, as long as you follow the rules set out in this agreement.


Anyone wishing to remove his profile of our system can do so by contacting us through our contact form or via email at The profile is then removed within 7 (seven) days of your request. Your profile becomes unaccessible to other members but we can view it anytime.

Privacy policy

Any personal information is kept confidential and shall not be disclosed to other members. We make every effort to ensure that information gathered from our members are not revealed to others. In the same way, we do not use your personal information for profit-making purposes.


All members' emails addresses are kept confidantial and are not sold to people who sends you advertising. All communications go through your email address. We do not send ads to our members.

Right of use

Anyone meeting the eligibility rules for our services can be used freely for the time he wishes. You must not use the services offered for lucrative purposes or for purposes other than personal use.

We reserve the right to modify, remove or add new features to the site and its subdomains without notice.

Intellectual property

All material on this site and its subdomains is the property of the-free-dating-site. You canno't use images found on the site, members' pictures, the-free-dating-site specific terms and any other material from the-free-dating-site for purposes other than personal use. You may not copy a page to include it in another site, you must use external links (URL) to refer to a part of our site.

Code of conduct

You should use the services offered by the-free-dating-site for your personal use only. You may not create multiple accounts to pollute the site. You canno't include, in your description personal, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and links to other sites. We reserve the right to modify or delete a profile not following the rules for the use of the site.


You can use the messaging system to get in touch with other members, exchange personnal informations and plan for meeting other members. Any form of advertising, recruitment, insult and threat is prohibited and your account will be removed from the site. the-free-dating-site disclaims any dispute between its members.

Revision of information

All profiles created and modified are revised to ensure the quality of the profiles found on our site. This procedure is necessary in order to remove the members making other than personal use of this site.

Removal of information

Any profile not meeting the criterias mentioned in the agreement will be removed without notice and member's email adress will be blocked so that he can not create new profile on this site.

Warranties and limitations

We offer to our members free services of quality and guarantee that we are doing our best to satisfy the request of our members. We can not be held responsible for the information circulating on the site even if it's under control as much as possible. We can not be held responsible for a breakdown in services. By agreeing to register on this site and use the services, you release the-free-dating-site from any liability. We cannot be held responsible for a dispute between our members. In the same way, we cannot be held responsible if you are a victim of fraud by another member.